BOWA MEDICAL offers a wide range of surgical ligation instruments for sealing vessels and tissue bundles in laparoscopic and open surgical applications.

Sterile replacement blade for the ERGO315R
1 pack (10 pcs.)
Replacement blade for NightKNIFE jaw parts
1 pack (5 pcs.)
ERGO 310D - laparoscopic cutting and sealing
1 pack (5 pcs.)
Instrument components: ERGO 315R
Accessories for reprocessing the ERGO 315R
Reusable sealing clamp for open surgery
Instrument components: LIGATOR shaft tubes
NightKnife - 10 mm reusable cutting and sealing
Laparoscopic instrument for 5 mm vessel sealing
Instrument components of the NightKNIFE
Instrument components of LIGATOR jaw parts