Right of Withdrawal

Return of Goods Policy – Rückwarenbestimmung FBL05503-EN - 30.10.2020

Return of Goods Policy of BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 4-10, 72810 Gomaringen

The following rules and regulations apply to the return of products and goods that were obtained from BOWA under distribution agreements or other sales agreements:

1. “Returned goods” are goods and contractual products that a contractual partner has obtained from BOWA as part of a sales or purchase agreement and which he intends to send back to BOWA. BOWA goods and products that were not directly or legally obtained from BOWA are not returnable goods. Goods and products obtained from third parties are therefore excluded.

2. When a contractual partner is entitled to return products and goods, the returned goods must be properly packaged to ensure secure transportation and sent back to BOWA headquarters. The order details, delivery notes and invoices for the returned goods must be enclosed.

3. Returned goods, including complaints and defect goods must always be sent in an appropriate condition in which the staff at BOWA receiving the goods cannot be endangered. Incoming returned goods that cannot be clearly identified as such will be disposed of by BOWA for a fee.

4. Unless returned goods are complaints, defects or returns from trial orders, incorrect deliveries or other for which BOWA is responsible, the following rules and regulations apply:

a) Returned goods will only be accepted after prior written confirmation and approval from BOWA.

b) Sterile articles will not be taken back.

c) Discontinued items will not be taken back.

d) Custom-made products as well as all articles that are not in the standard “BOWA” delivery program will not be taken back.

e) A return is generally approved if - the above exclusion criteria are not met, - the goods are registered for return no later than three months after invoicing and dispatch, - the goods are still in their original packaging.

f) BOWA charges 10% of the net goods value or at least € 75.00 for processing returns and deducts this from the respective credit value.

g) Shipping costs for the original deliveries will not be reimbursed.

h) Return transport costs are to be paid for by the sender; BOWA should receive returned goods free of charge.

Revision: 09/2020

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