Laparoscopic instruments

Surgical instruments for preparing, gripping and cutting tissue, especially in laparoscopy.

Replacement seal cap for BOWA laparoscopy electrodes
1 pack (5 pcs.)
The active monopolar instrument for laparoscopy
1 piece
The passive bipolar instrument for laparoscopy
1 piece
The instrument for supracervical hysterectomy
Loop system for supracervical hysterectomy
The loop for supracervical hysterectomy
Electrodes for laparoscopy with durable ceramic tips
Matching jaw parts for every purpose
Accessories and replacement parts for the ErgoLAP instrument
ERGO 320R – the standard for laparoscopy
Replacement parts for instruments in the ERGO 320R / 325R series
ERGO 325R – ergonomics in laparoscopy